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Christmas eCards for Business & Enterprise

ekarda is an eCard platform designed specifically for businesses and large enterprise.
Choose a Christmas eCard design, add your logo and message and send out fully personalized eCards in minutes.
Enable any number of your staff to send Christmas cards with complete control over brand and message.

Logo & Brand Management

Upload one-or-more logos & choose from our extensive gallery or have a custom Christmas eCard created

Manage any number of staff

Authorize any number of staff members to send Christmas eCards using the logos and card designs you control

Integrate Social Media

Social media links can be added to your Christmas eCards to help your contacts share your messages

View reports in real-time

View your success via our in depth reporting showing bounces and opens for each sender.


Full-screen, personalized & interactive Christmas eCards on any device

ekarda Christmas eCards are the only full-screen, personalized & interactive Christmas eCards available for business & enterprise.
The original and the best - ekarda delivers the finest designs, software and support available. Thrill your contacts with an ekarda eCard today.



Build rapport with personalized, full-screen & interactive Christmas eCards

ekarda has all the tools a business needs to build rapport and maintain relationships. Whether sending a Christmas card to 10,000 customers or a one-off Birthday & thank-you cards – each card you send is personalised with the recipient’s name.


Personalise messages for any occasion


Manage contact lists with ease


Send cards immediately or schedule

Christmas eCards in 42 languages

ekarda enables you to send eCards to your business contacts in multiple languages. Whether your eCard recipient’s speak Italian or Danish or virtually any European language – you know that your eCard will arrive in your contacts’ inbox in their native language.

Christmas eCard FAQs

Your recipients will receive an HTML email which includes your logo and personal message. If you choose to send one of our Interactive cards, the recipient will click a link inside the email allowing them to view their personalised card inside their web browser.
Simply upload your company logo (GIF, JPG or PNG) and your logo will be added to any of our eCard designs instantly. Its best to use a PNG with a transparent background. You can also add a link to your company website which will be added to your company logo.
You can upload your logo as a JPG,GIF or PNG file.
Credits allow you to send eCards:
Interactive cards cost 2 credits per recipient.
All other cards cost 1 credit per recipient.
Further information on Credits can be found on our pricing page
If multiple members of your team need to be able to send their own eCards, you’ll need to purchase senders. Senders share credits from your account. You receive 2 free senders with your account. Further information on Senders can be found on our pricing page
Yes you can use your own email program. Please contact us to find out about pricing and options. If you use our existing software to send your cards - you will have the added advantages of better delivery rates (over BCC'ing messages) plus each card you send will be personalised and the whole process tends to be a lot simpler.
If you prefer to have a bespoke eCard designed for your company - we can definitely help! Check out the range of custom eCards for inspiration and contact us for more information and a quotation.
You'll need a list of recipients in a spreadsheet with name/email/date of birth in separate columns. You can then create a single campaign allowing you to send branded birthday eCards including your logo to up-to 5000 recipients. You can even specify what time of day you'd like your birthday cards to arrive and view reports on who opened your birthday eCards. Visit our support site for more information on how to send a corporate birthday eCard campaign.
Yes! You can choose to schedule your holiday eCard campaigns in advance and be super organised before the holiday season arrives! Many companies using ekarda choose this method to avoid the holiday rush and get their eCards out to their business contacts early in December when open rates are far better.

Check out this article on scheduling eCards for more information.

Yes, that's as easy as putting your selected date in the "Date" column against all names. All recipients will then receive your Christmas eCard on that particular date.
You control the from name and reply email address for the eCards you send. The from email address is noreply@ekarda.com. The reason for this is to ensure the delivery of your cards. Other eCard providers allow you to alter the from email address however this will result in around 30% of the emails you send never reaching the inbox of the recipient

At ekarda we want to ensure the best delivery rates possible.

We can arrange for a white-labeled from email address for you however there is an extra charge and this will likely require the involvement of your IT department.
You can keep track of every eCard campaign that you send via our reporting screen. Each campaign has its own report, detailing whom it was sent to, the send date, who opened the eCard and which email addresses bounced.
Yes we notify you by email before your credits run out or expire.
Your campaigns will be paused. As soon as you purchase additional credits then you will be able to restart any paused campaigns.

Finding the perfect corporate Christmas eCard design and vendor for your organisation

Whether you are a company owner; your manager's helper; a part of your group's marketing department; or simply in-charge of sending out Christmas eCards, you are starting your search for methods to get your corporate Christmas eCard finalized in-time for the season.

So, where do you start?

Like many, when initially beginning to look for appropriate solutions, you open up your web browser, open your preferred search engine and start looking. In no time, you discover several business websites providing corporate eCard solutions -- whether paid or free services. After going a little deeper to both the free and paid suppliers' offerings, you eventually start to understand there are lots of eCard suppliers on the market and all of these vary by design, design quality, service and more. What design and service option is ideal for you? Would you want to use an existing eCard design or have a custom card created specially? Would you want to participate in the creative process? Would you want to allow someone handle the process on your behalf?

Initially, if you are new to eCards, especially for businesses, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed. You have to be looking for eCards that make an adventure for your clients and contacts in addition to extending your well wishes. Additionally, shaping the experience to effortlessly include your branding helps your contacts and clients connect that brand experience with your group -- super important for creating awareness and trust in your company.

Second, while most organisations do recognize the advertising opportunity that goes with the Christmas season, many don't totally leverage the opportunity. This may be due to a lot of factors, for example lack of budget, or insufficient time and internal resources. In fact, time is obviously the greatest factor in the whole process. When wanting to completely take advantage of the advertising opportunity of corporate eCards for the Christmas season, the company should really begin set-up in early December. Now, from our experience, you will find businesses that do begin first, but generally, businesses tend to leave it until later in the year and wind up getting a 'just in time' result.

eCards generally come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing the manner of eCard, some of the matters to think about are: the character of your business relationship with your customers, the cultural diversity, demographics and total number of your audience.

What type of relationship do you have with your Clients?

Some organisations may have close contact with their customers and therefore are in touch with their customers nearly daily. Business relationships of this kind frequently result in the service provider and client to have a much closer relationship than other types of businesses. Contrary to this, other service providers or merchandise sales firms might not have such a close connection with their customers. They might maintain an extremely professional, less personal connection with customers and clients and this should be taken into consideration when choosing an eCard design.

Contemplate the demographics, cultural diversity and size of your audience

In the modern global economy, companies are operating across each corner of our planet. A typical medium to big company' customers and customers collectively are varied. It's common in today's industry for customers and contacts to: be spread across a variety of age groups, cultures, and use quite a few different languages. It's VIP to think about these aspects of your business customers prior to choosing your eCard design.

For medium to enterprise organisations with a varied client and customer base, your selected Christmas eCard design ought to be non-denominational at every aspect. Using specific religious terminology in an eCard could cause some of your recipients to be taken aback -- or worse, angry. Corporate Christmas eCards really are appropriate when you're confident that you know your audience.

While we're on the subject of diversity, if you have international customers with varying languages, it is a great idea to have additional language variations of your eCard created. There is nothing worse than getting an eCard in a language you don't understand and though English is the most commonly spoken language with several cultures having English as their second language, it is a much nicer gesture to send an eCard in the receiver's main language. It shows you appreciate the cultural diversity of your customer base.

ekarda provides you the opportunity to send campaigns in multiple languages. Feel free to get in touch should you have any queries.

Now that we've considered your customers and the type of eCard you ought to be sending them, let's have a look at few other important aspects of the process -- the technical and creative aspects.

The eCard creation process

When you've got a vision of an eCard you would like created, bear in mind that entirely custom designs do require additional budget. Pricing of course depends on the amount of customisation and sophistication of the design. If you don't have a available funds for the design and development of a custom Christmas eCard - one of the terrific things about ekarda is that you can use any (or multiple) card designs from our gallery at no additional cost.

When opting to proceed using a card design for your business eCard, the vendor needs to have a process in place that's simple, methodical, provides additional advice and support as needed and permits the design process of this project to progress easily and efficiently. You should not need to be left guessing what to do at any stage -- that's only caused by a badly improved process and possibly poor business.

Your eCard is an ambassador for your brand - so choose your eCard design and provider well!

Overseeing the sending out of your corporate Christmas eCard campaign

Now that you've selected a card design to send out to your customers and contacts, it's time to decide on how you'd like to send out the cards. This really is depandant upon if you've got several staff at your business that need to be able to send out their own cards, or if you would like to handle the sending of all cards personally.

In case you decide to handle the whole campaign yourself, then simply sign-up for a free trial account with ekarda. From there its a fantastic idea to collate all names and email addresses of your recipients into a spreadsheet (MS Excel, Google Sheet etc). As soon as you've got this - login to ekarda and follow the steps to send out your campaign.

In case you decide to allow multiple employees to send their own eCard campaign out to their company contacts and customers, then the best idea is to create a spreadsheet with the name and email address of every staff member. The name and email address of every co-worker should be in separate columns. As soon as you understand precisely how many employees who will require access, you can login into your ekarda account and purchase Credits and Senders. Each staff member is regarded as a 'Sender' therefore if you have 50 personnel, then you have to purchase 50 Senders and enough Credits for your employees to use. Staff members use the Credits from your account (because your account is the 'Admin' account).

From that point you can then import your company logo (your Senders will be able to select your logo when they login with their own ekarda accounts). You might also choose precisely which card designs your employees can access and deselect any eCard designs that you don't want employees to get access to.

N.B.: Business Christmas eCard delivery rates

One fast, but very important, note on eCard delivery is that when picking an eCard company for this undertaking, make sure you check if they support SFP (Sender Framework Policy) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identi fied Message). Not certain what those are? Make sure the business you select does or the delivery of your eCards might be affected (i.e. emails will be routed, but many may go right to spam and never wind up in recipients' inboxes.

In Conclusion

By now, you ought to have a great comprehension of exactly what the eCard process entails by means of design factors as well as the related internal requirements that are necessary. Thus, let's take a second to do a fast recap of the key points we've covered when deciding on an eCard design and vendor.

  • The eCard company ought to be able to generate a corporate eCard that visually gives an experience that the majority of your target will enjoy, as well as reinforces awareness for your brand without being unprofessional. For large numbers of recipients, they supply a solution that may still provide value to a broad and varied audience.
  • The provider has proven experience with corporate eCards and has the capability to provide understanding and insight into the process. They are also able to answer any queries you have, and also have the ability to work with your ideas considering the time period available to you.
  • If you don't have a great deal of time, they can provide a professional eCard solution that does not require a large contribution from the customer, and still yield a great result past the 'cute and cuddly'! Furthermore, they can produce a 'just in time' solution that's still great!
  • If you look at examples out of an eCard company, ask yourself, "Would this eCard complement our brand and also; would it provide true value for our recipients?"
  • The eCard company needs to provide the requisite resources and tools to provide a turnkey solution for your company's eCard needs. They ought to take the guesswork out of the technology involved and be able to take care of the eCard design and delivery facets. They ought to know the advantages email deliverability technologies.
  • Also - should you require the ability to enable mutliple staff to send their own cards - the provider needs to have the requisite tools to allow you to do this.

Empowered with this advice, we hope you feel more educated and confident when seeking an eCard|eCard provider for your company, organizational, or staff requirements. We've assisted several customers from many different countries across the globe, and our experiences together have helped shape our eCard services and process into, what we believe, is the most professional and capable corporate eCard service accessible.

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