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Corporate Christmas eCards Since 2004

We have been creating corporate Christmas eCards for clients across Australia and the globe since the 2004. Initially we created the Christmas eCards and then sent them out manually on behalf of our clients. In 2011, we were approached by a client (Tennis Australia) who needed to enable staff in 2000 separate locations to send their own Christmas eCards. So we set-about creating the first system globally to empower companies to send their own Christmas eCards. Since that time - our business and the software that powers it has gone from strength to strength. As of 2017, we have over 17000 companies using our software. Some of our customers have over 20,000 staff using our system and we have customers from most countries worldwide. As the pioneers of 'Christmas eCards for Business' - we invite you to take a free trial of our software.


Not just software - but fanatical support

We understand that our customers are not machines and that they need a human to help out now and then. We want to help you get up and running with the system so please dont hesitate to contact us. We provide support via phone, online chat and email 24/5 during the season. As we service customers globally, we will respond to you within 24 hours maximum at other times of the year via phone or email.


Built for business and corporate use from the ground up

We only create Christmas eCards for business, corporate and enterprise and our system was created specifically to meet this need. With over 6 years in operation, we have refined the product to make it easy to use and have developed an impressive array of corporate Christmas eCards for all occasions. Check out our gallery and take a look at the quality of our Christmas eCards for yourself.


The best Christmas eCards available

We believe that Christmas eCards should be beautiful and functional. Our software is the only system available globally which allows you to send full screen, animated, interactive and personalised Christmas eCards. All our cards are also responsive to ensure that they display on all devices. We use HTML5 to create our Interactive cards along with image personalisation to create a truly engaging experience for your clients, staff and business contacts.


Working together to protect our environment

Back in the days when Christmas eCards were cheap and ugly - we recognized the opportunity to provide beautiful branded Christmas eCards for businesses that could significantly reduce C02 emissions, save trees and help protect our planet. Together with our clients we've helped save millions of printed cards from being manufactured and delivered.

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